Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Session 1: The Lair of the Mast Breaker

Druids and Dead Dragons

Airell Longbrooke arrives near 3 Prow Redoubt in the cloud peak mountains. He as he enters the woods he is stopped by Q Thatcher who questions  Airell Longbrooke's presence but agrees to take him before Oryn Casthouse.

Grakas the Thunderer is standing guard outside the dragon's buried lair with a dwarf woman named [[:Helli Deeprunner-deeprunner]] and her weird turtle beast, Digger.

Inside the lair they see a party of adventurers, Airell Longbrooke  recognizes as the Burning Dawn Company, battling a twisted blue dragon on a floor of sand. The dragon is clearly Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker.

  • The battle phases in and out of existence.
  • They decide to sneak past, but Q Thatcher takes a swing at the dragon. He lands a glancing blow on the dragons' tail. Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker doesn't seem to notice but a woman who looks to be a bard does before she phases out of existence.

Moving deeper into the lair they discover that the walls are covered or composed of what seems to be meat. The whole place smells like an open wound.

  • Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker and the Burning Dawn Company, carrying on what looks like part of the combat from the previous room phase in and out of this room as well, seemingly stuck in a moment that is moving backwards. In this moment a  female wizard appears to be redirecting lighting from the dragon and into an armillary sphere on the ceiling. When they phase out the sphere hangs in a broken tangle, broken gears clicking and shuddering, the whole contraption partially cased in meat.
  • The party discovers  a cultist and some kobolds gathered around the skeleton of the Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker, apparently preparing it for a ritual.  Grakas the Thunderer did not see kobolds with the group of 5 men he saw entering the lair.
  • Q Thatcher rushes in and thunder waves cultist, kobolds, and bones of  Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker disrupting the ritual and causing a fight.

In the next room more cultists and kobolds are doing battle on a mound of treasure. The treasure itself seems to be fighting them and they are herding it out through a portal they have drawn on the wall.

  • The cultists steal:

    • Something off a wall of giant sized masks.
    • Blue Dragon eggs
    • A massive amount of apparently living treasure.
  • The party attempts to fight the cultists, but the treasure keeps merging into a larger and more dangerous threat.  They are hurt badly and flee to avoid being killed.

    • They can't decide if they should leave or push on and see what else is inside the lair. Being seriously injured and unsure of finding rest in the lair, they decide to leave.
    • On the way out Helli Deeprunner steals a vertebrae from Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker's skeleton in the hopes that this will stop the dragon being brought back.
    • Grakas the Thunderer discovers a skeleton chained to the wall and partially grown over by the weird meat. On his person Grakas the Thunderer finds a series of papers consisting of notes to compose a great bardic work.

As they retreat to the room with the sand floor they find that the battle with the Durnurosh, the Mast Breaker is no longer phasing in and out.  Now they see the top of the mountain has been torn off to reveal a blasted wasteland. The shadowy form of a five headed dragon surveying  the carnage and laughing.

  • The party exits the lair with the intention to rest and go back inside. But they are met by Oryn Casthouse who forbids them to return to the lair.



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